Renee van Bavel

Artist statement

From an early age I was curious about the world, I wanted to see and feel the pictures in my school books for myself. I looked around in the world and read the newspaper. When I was 17, I wrote a song about Ayat Ahkras, a Palestinian girl my age who had blown herself up in a supermarket, and I wrote a song in which I put myself in her place, how does it feel not to put schoolbooks in your schoolbag and where do you stand in a supermarket? In 2004, I was asked to write a song about a concentration camp. I was born in a village where there was a concentration camp. hidden in the woods and as a child, I always wondered why the hid it? That song gave me the chance to explore a very complicated part of humanity and I was immediately fascinated. I went back to the places I knew from my childhood and was able to ask all my questions and see what it did to me and share this reflection out loud in the form of the song “Heroes”, What would I do? And what do you take with you if you don’t know where you’re going? after that, more