Renee van Bavel


During my time as Artist in Residence at the Memorial & Museum Sachsenhausen I developed the concept work REMONUMENT.

REMONUMENT commemorates the past in a new way and brings the past into the future.

With REMONUMENT I re-frame the monument and give it a new moment. Through a small addition, suddenly the monument is placed in the present time and its story continues into today and tomorrow.

REMONUMENT is a temporarily work, done in a respectful way, conscious of the history of the original monument. It is done without affecting the value and meaning of the monument.

I am currently working on this concept with various other monuments and locations.
REMONUMENT is a new way of actively commemorating. It can be created with a community and open up a dialogue about the historical event that is remembered by the monument.

If you are interested in the work REMONUMENT at your monument,
please send an email: