Renee van Bavel


The art project “HANDS UP” invites visitors to the Sachsenhausen Memorial to translate their experiences during the visit into their own artwork.

The art project “HANDS UP” asks you for the perspective of your hand. It is an invitation to visit the Sachsenhausen Memorial on another level than the rational one.

Hands often tell different stories than the mouth, the face or the rest of the body. Hands respond differently to situations, images, experiences and stories. Hands make fists or soften, fingers play with each other or tickle nervously. Different every time and different for each person. If you look closely, you can see it: Hands don’t hide, they tell you a true story.

The art project “HANDS UP” invites you to let your hands tell the story: What does it do to you to be on the grounds of a former concentration camp, to hear the stories of the horrors that took place here? What does it do to you to see the former Tower A, the barracks and the watchtowers?

Without pressure, no expectations, you are offered a piece of white clay and invited to see what happens when you let your hands tell their story.

The art project “HANDS UP” gives you the opportunity to incorporate your thoughts and feelings during your visit into an object that you can take with you or leave behind after your visit. 

You can shape your impressions of your visit to the Memorial and create an art object that you can personally reflect on and share thoughts on together.